Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Pure Energy Parade FLOAT!

In 2006, For the Silver Spring Annual Thanksgiving Parade, we decided to do something crazy and build a FLOAT! What can i say, we are a seriously creative team. But when you put a bunch of builders, carpenters and artists together, you get over the top productions, and this was just one of many.
The whole float started with the idea of building a house. Obviously we are a real estate company, so it was only fitting. But we needed to make a funky, fun, purple, glitter covered house with a sun tree. That makes total sense! 
My brother, Mark Trotta, is our master carpenter. He is the man behind all the renovations you see at the properties - from cabinets, vanities, windows, counters and more. For the float, he had a major hand in building the structure of the house and the funky Tree.
My sister, Paula is one of the most creative people I have ever known. She was a vital part of the design team for many years. Her talents range widely - from paint to window dressings, event design, costume design and so much more. She had a huge part in the decorative aspect of the float.
While the carpentry and painting was going on outside, the glitter crew was inside, hand glittering purple flowers for hours on end. 
The flowers were to go everywhere and anywhere possible. 
Once the final details were in place, the roof was then installed.
Lewis Temple (left), now the love of my life and father of my beautiful baby girl, Maia, was the man in charge of all things technical. Andrew Eisel (right), was our TV Star agent and helpful hand for all things events. They got the truck loaded with the sound equipment and we made our way out.
This is the old Pure Energy Box Truck. If you lived in Silver Spring in the last 10 years, it is safe to say you saw this truck around town. For the parade, it had enough muscle to pull our over the top creation. It has since retired from its long career.
We pulled into queue to prepare for the parade.
And that is me. Enjoying every minute of our crazy creation and the Silver Spring Community.

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